Painting Now Available from Supertuff


Splashback & Sealed Unit border painting available from Supertuff

For all RAL Colours

Back Painted Glass



Splashback painting


Supertuff is an AGC Certified Processor and we stock and supply the pre-painted Lacobel range which can be supplied as Annealed or Toughened Glass.

Glass processing

Supertuff provides a wide range of Glass processing services, for all sizes and shapes.


All our #mirrors are high specification and can be cut to size, safety backed and processed to individual requirements.


Our in house CNC glass cutting capabilities enable production of high quality, polished glass desk screens.

-> Protective Glass screens are an ideal solution to enable employees to social distance in the office, and other workplace environments.

-> Easy to clean protective screens

-> Sneeze guard glass & protection screens

-> Processed Glass

We are able to cut your glass to any shape and design using CAD drawings and templates or computer design to exact and precise cutting production. We can process for Internal Cut Outs, Hole Fixings and Straight & Shaped Edge Work.

Please email us via for a quote. And reference ‘GLASS SCREENS’.

Avengers, James Bond and the Tottenham Stadium – Supertuff is Super cool

‘Supertuff and LiSEC have been working together for 20 years now.’

In Great Britain, Supertuff was the first company to invest in the LiSEC SplitFin – a laminated glass line with water jet technology. “The LiSEC SplitFin is our latest plant. We believe it will allow us to be faster and give us an advantage over the rest of the market,” says Amit Patel.

‘A large product portfolio and many exciting projects’

Ged Smith, Managing Director of LiSEC Software UK Limited, also appreciates the cooperation: “The partnership between Supertuff and Lisec goes back a very very long time in both machinery and total software solutions. High quality innovative machinery and software working together perfectly naturally gives superior results and efficiency. We have been their software supplier for ERP and production control and product tracking for all this time, and our system has both grown with them and enabled their growth over the years. Amit has described very well the aims and goals of Lisec – quality, innovation and a reliable business partner – we try to understand the customer and his needs and strive to be there for them when they need us. We look forward to many more years of working side by side for success in the future.”

‘A successful cooperation for 20 years’

Amit emphasizes that LiSEC listens when they have problems and quickly finds solutions. “If something goes wrong, you know they are there. Even if you call in the middle of the night or on a Friday evening, there is someone in Austria to help you. LiSEC is very reliable. Machines must be reliable. If a machine does something good but always fails, it’s not good. Reliability is the best word to describe LiSEC. They keep their promises – that’s important in the market.”

‘Reliability and personal contact – the cornerstones of successful cooperation’

“The LiSEC machines are always very clever,” emphasizes Amit Patel. But what is even more important to him: The LiSEC machines last: “A LiSEC machine we have is 15 years old. The LiSEC WSL. And we have processed millions of meters of glass there. It’s about much more than just the service life of the machine. Normally you have to scrap a machine after ten years. We have had our LiSEC machine for 15 years now – and it still runs! If a machine lasts 15 years, which should only last ten years, and you run it more intensively than you should, then that says it all.” He reports that the LiSEC WSL is in operation at their company 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update; Supertuff Re-opening on 4th May

We have been waiting and watching for any positive signs of progress in the Nations fight against Covid 19. While we know there is a very long road ahead, there are some indications that the peak is passing in London and the NHS is now equipped to deal with current and future cases without being overwhelmed.

Despite being in the middle of the extended special measures, we are also acutely aware of the role we can play in helping our Economy get moving again. With this in mind, we feel it is now time to start thinking ahead and how we can operate without compromising the health and well being of our staff and everyone associated with our Company.

It is too early to think about resuming production at full capacity and it will not be business as usual for a considerable time yet, but we are planning to play our part and recommence limited production and supply of glass and units from Monday 4th May 2020. Deliveries will commence on the 6th May 2020.

We hope these first few steps will help us all start to move forward. Finally, to all our suppliers and customers, for your ongoing patience and support, THANK YOU.

Please contact your sales rep. or email for further information.


We offer a range of Glass processing services. Including Polishing, Drilling, Holes, Notches, sink cut outs, Bevelling, Mirrors, Splashbacks

Environmental Considerations

Environmental considerations have led to greater awareness of the importance of conservation and the minimisation of waste. Supertuff is committed to recycling of all discarded glass waste.