We now Stock Anti-Reflective Glass

Clarity uses modern glass coating technology to create anti reflective glass with reflection less than 1% and a light transmission of 97%. Guardian Clarity is one of the few anti reflective glass options available in sizes all the way up to Jumbo (3210 x 6000 mm) and in either single or double sided coating on either annealed or laminated low iron float glass.

Guardian Clarity, an anti-reflective glass is the ideal product for any application where excessive glare of reflection creates an obstruction: whether it’s a shop window which loses impact due to distracting reflections, a viewing platform which loses visual accuracy due to distracting glare, or a restaurant with a breathtaking view which becomes completely hidden as soon as the sun goes down, anti-reflective glass provides the perfect solution. Common applications range from museum vitrines, display cases, shop fronts, car showrooms, restaurants, control towers, sporting facilities, zoos & aquariums.